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Professor Ehab A. Abourashed

PhD, MS, BPharm | Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs | Medical College of Winsconsin
Before joining the MCW Pharmacy School he was Associate Professor at the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy. Earlier in his career, he was Research Scientist at the University of Mississippi National Center for Natural Products Research and Associate Professor at King Saud University College of Pharmacy. In the private sector, he was Senior Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline and Director of Quality Assurance at ElSohly Labs, Inc. He has more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications and invited presentations. He is the co-author of one textbook and is an editorial board member of the ‘Antioxidants’ and SM Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Journal. He is also an active member of many professional societies and acts as grant, dissertation and manuscript reviewer for national and international bodies. The main focus of Dr. Abourashed’s research activities is exposing professional pharmacy students to drug discovery through investigating the chemistry and pharmacology of traditional medicinal plants.
  • Professor George J.Baltopoulos MD. PhD. (GR) Hon. Chairman
  • Professor Dimitrios Rigopoulos MD. PhD. (GR) Chairman
  • Professor Ioanna Chinou PharmD. PhD. (GR) Vice Chairman
  • Professor Kostantinos Demetzos PharmD. PhD. (GR) Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Yiannis Avrantinis BSc. MSc. PhD. Entrepreneur (GR)
  • Dr. Ersie Gazou BChem. PharmD Pharmacist (GR)
  • Dr. Antonis Zairis BSc. MSc. PhD. Vise President in SELPE. (GR)
  • Dr. George Kampasas BSc. MSc. CEO in Welding & NDT Institute (GR)
  • Panos Kaponis Author Pharmaceutical Law. Poet (GR)
  • Professor George Karabatsos BSc. MSc. PhD (USA)
  • Dr. Nasia Kioukia PharmD. PhD. Senior Reseacher (GR)
  • Takis Kozaris BPharm. Entrepreneur (GR)
  • Dr. Constantin Macheras BSc. MA. MSc MHA (UK)
  • Dr. Ionas Oikonomakis PharmD. Scientific Speculator, Pharmacist (GR)
  • Dr. Vyron Tsimopoulos PharmD. MBA. Pharmacist (GR)
  • Chief Executive Officer – Sam Veneris BSc, MSc. (USA)
  • Head, Seminars & Crinical Trials – Professor George Karabatsos BSc. MSc. PhD. (USA)
  • Head, “Ask the Expert” – Dr. Leizla Gelabert BSc. PharmD. (USA)
  • Head, Corporate Affairs – Nantia Theocharopoulou BSc. MSc.
  • Head, Business Development – Vasilios Kotopoulis
  • Legal Advisor – Dr. Kostas Katiforis

Spiros Politis

BSc, BPharm, MSc(Clin.Pharm), MA(Natural Medicines), MSc(Crisis & Resilience Management), PharmD.
Professional experience (35 years) is mainly in Project Management, Business Development, Crisis Management and also in Marketing and Sales, Communications, Corporate Affairs and Public Relations.
He has a wide educational background (in Greece, UK & USA), and working experience in many clusters (commercial, research, engineering, medicines, pharmaceuticals, industrial, medical equipments, logistics, warehouse, hospitals, wholesales).
He joined as executive or as collaborator in national and multinational companies (GSK, Stiefel, B.Braun, ICU Medicals, Venetec, Kimal, Pharmalink, Molnlycke Health Care, Vioser, Germanos Group, Axxon East Europe, Coronis etc.).
Also he was Editor in monthly Magazine “Elixir”, distributed by “Eleftherotypia newspaper ”2006-2010.
He is inventor “Spiros” male luer connector for secure mix of chemotherapy agents, produced and distributed by ICU Medicals Inc. by 2002.